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Car Accident-Kyuhyun received the biggest impact

April 22, 2007

On April 19, a little after midnight, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and two managers were on their way back to their apartment after a session of KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio. While they were on the highway, the front left tire busted as the driver was switching lanes and the van ran into the guard rail/medium on the driver’s side and skidded for about 30M+. At some point, the momentum caused the van to flip over on its right side.

Kyuhyun was sitting behind the driver’s seat, therefore he was the most injured out of all the members. So far, he has a broken foot, fractured hip, broken ribs, and facial scratches/bruises. The fractured hip is bleeding and his broken ribs have come down on his lungs. He has already gone through tracheal resectional surgery to improve his breathing. They made a 1-2cm incision in his chest and inserted a tube so he can breathe better. He was slipping in an out of consciousness, and couldn’t really speak because of the shock. Doctors are speculating that he might have to be in the hospital for a few months.

Shindong was the least injured out of the members, and has managed to leave the accident with just cuts and bruises on his face and body. He has been released from the hospital as a patient. There is no word whether or not he has returned to the apartment yet.

Leeteuk had glass shards in his back, and has had a successful surgery to remove them all. He also had a scratch near his eye and various cuts and bruises.

Eunhyuk was also reported to have glass shards in his back, and was said to have stitches.

So far, Kyuhyun is resting because his chest isn’t healthy enough to go through surgery. He was transferred from the ER to the ICU. For now he has been given medication so he can rest for surgery.

Regarding schedules, all activities involving these four members have been cancelled. More specifically, MBC Popopo, on which Shindong is an MC, has been cancelled for now. Super Junior T was scheduled to perform on KBS2 Music Bank, but that was cancelled. Kyuhyun was planned to appear in a show filming, but because of his injuries, the network is having a meeting regarding that. Since both DJs for KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio are injured, they have recruited other Super Junior members to take over temporarily. On the 19th, Ryeowook and Sungmin will DJ. Any date later than that is to be determined after Leeteuk and Eunhyuk’s full diagnoses are released. Most likely, other members will be asked to rotate in as DJs.

SM released an official statement saying that the hospital needs to observe Kyuhyun for 3-5 days before releasing a confirmed statement about his health. They also said that Leeteuk has scratches on his forehead and near his eye from the glass. The accident was caused by a deflated left front tire. The driver was trying to switch lanes but lost control and collided with the guard rail.

Their car which involve in the accident

Source : wikipedia


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  1. ti6i permalink

    oh this is like a disaster!

  2. Mahalia permalink

    i was so devestated when i heard about this! :((

  3. thank GOD because they are all ryt now

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