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Lee Min Ho with AnyCall Season 2

May 3, 2009

On the 30th, Lee Minho was announced to join the Samsung AnyCall newbie employee ads for Haptic Pop. Officials announced that Lee Minho is set is to join now because of his previous contractual engagement with LG for “Teen Ring” for a three month period. As if he needed to stick his face on more merchandise. All these contracts and endorsements are actually keeping him from getting the stuff he wants…probably a Coca Cola and Benz.

With Kim Bum’s new venture in the LG Telecom ads, he will be making his exit and Lee Minho will be taking over. The ads have already been filmed and are set to air soon. The Lee Minho ads are also the same concept of a new employee entering the Samsung office, filmed in the same realistic feel with Kim Joon, Kim Hyung Joong and Son Dambi.

Wonder what Lee Minho’s AnyCall job application will look like?

Until then, here he is at a fan signing today at the Lotte Department Store. Look how humble and down to earth he looks. Don’t bash this cutie. He just wants to work his cute little tail off.



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