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[Magazine] Behind the scenes with Lee Min Ho in Jeju-do

May 3, 2009


A rare moment where Lee Min Ho takes a breather from his Gu Jun-pyo role (if only for 2 hours) in his hotel room in Jeju

Okay, the previous entry introducing High Cut magazine and contents of Ji-hoo sunbae’s bag was just to whet your appetites. Here are to-die-for photos of Lee Min Ho, behind the scenes while he was filming the drama Boys Before Flowers on location in Jeju-do. They were filming episodes 21 and 22 of the popular drama and were in Jeju island for three days and two nights.

High Cut magazine’s photographer got very special privileges which resulted in these awesome behind the scenes shots of the rising star.

Remember the wedding scene between Gu Jun-pyo and Ha Jae-kyeong (Lee Min-jung) in episode 22? Yeah we just watched it last week. It was full of emotion and Lee Min-ho had to act all tense and stressed up, trying to get out of the marriage arranged by his mother.

Standing at 186cm tall, Lee Min Ho (born 22 June 1987) possesses superior charisma and the camera just loves him. Blessed with long limbs and a winning smile, he appears good from any angle and is a dream to shoot (with no modifications necessary). Thus shooting at Jeju island went well ~ it was short and sweet.

Captured on film is Min-ho taking a short break in the middle of filming the wedding scene…

Gu Jun-pyo in his flashy red sports car parked outside Jeju Island’s airport


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