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[Synopsis] He’s Beautiful

November 18, 2009
Korean Title: Minami Shineyo
Also known as: He’s Beautiful / You’re Handsome
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS


Go Mi-Nyeo & Go Mi-Nam (both played by Park Shin Hye) are twin brother and sisters. They grew up in an orphanage and never knew their parents.
As a young adult, Go Mi-Nyeo is set to become a nun. On her way to pick up a ticket for Rome a strange man catches up to her. The man’s name is Ma Hoon Lee (played by Kim In-Kwon) and he explains that he’s the manager for popular boy band “A.N.JELL“. He also explains that her twin brother Go Mi-Nam, who just joined the band, was seriously injured and sent to America to recover.Ma Hoon-Lee then pleads to Go Mi-Nyeo to impersonate her brother until he recovers. For her brother’s sake, Go Mi-Nyeo reluctantly agrees to play her brother.
A.N.JELL band member Kang Shin-Woo (played by Jeong Yong-Hwa) first discovers Go Mi-Nyeo’s secret, but he keeps it to himself. Kang Shin-Woo also tries to help her out without Go Mi-Nyeo knowing. He also starts to develop feelings for her.
Meanwhile, A.N.JELL’s singer/songwriter/vocalist Hwang Tae-Kyeong (played by Jang Geun-Suk) discovers Ko Mi-Nyeo’s secret. Hwang Tae-Kyeong is an extremely gifted musician, but his personality is cold and he is a control freak. At first Hwang Tae-Kyeong tries to kick Go Mi-Nyeoout of the band, but he becomes sympathetic to her plight when he discovers that she hoped to find her mother by appearing on television with the band.
Go Mi-Nyeo‘s secret is then discovered by pop singer Yu Hee-Yi (played by Uee) by chance. When the media falsely reports that Yu Hee-Yi and A.N.JELL band member Hwang Tae-Kyeongare dating she uses Go Mi-Nyeo‘s secret to make Hwang Tae-Kyeong pretend they are dating in front of the press. At the right moment Yu Hee-Yi will announce to the press that they have broken up and that she dumped Hwang Tae-Kyeong. In return Yu Hee-Yi will keep Go Mi-Nyeo‘s secret. Hwang Tae-Kyeong agrees to this arrangement to protect Go Mi-Nyeo.

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