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Sungmin questions his position in Super Junior

March 2, 2010

Super Junior
 member, Sungmin will be appearing in an upcoming episode of SBS’s Strong Heart(Kang Shim Jang) where he spoke about his frustration and wishes.

On the episode scheduled for broadcast on March 2nd, Sungmin revealed,

“I am the middle of Super Junior.”

What did he mean by that? He explained,

“I feel that in singing, acting, looks, height, etc, everything about me is in the mid-range level (average). Nothing particular stands out about me.”

Sungmin confessed,

“Perhaps because of that (being average), there isn’t much news about me. I really hope that there can be more news written about me.”

Sungmin was probably talking how he was getting overshadowed by the more illustrious members, leading to less opportunities to shine. Other guests sympathized with his situation and offered him ideas to survive in this unforgiving industry, and some of which was so ridiculous that it led to laughter all around the studio.



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