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Siwon the 4th member of Super Junior got Twitter Account

April 19, 2010

After Shindong, Donghae & Sungmin, now its Siwon turn to have Twitter Account.  Actually Siwon is the 2nd member had twitter account because his account has been around since the end of March but  it was left unbeknown amongst many fans as it was never confirmed. This news already been confirmed by the promoter “Shindong”. From Donghae to Sungmin,Shindong helping much for promoting his members twitter account. As we know Shindong have lots of followers and well-known for his witty tweets on Twitter and also for being one of the few Korean celebrities to own a regularly updated personal twitter.

Shindong tweeted ;
“@siwon407 is the fourth member finally its 4 people!!!Congratulations hehe”

“@siwon407 Oh my, I didn’t know it was really Siwon’s!! It really is Siwon hehe”

Attention here,so many people have made mistake adding someone name @Choi_SW which is not Choi Siwon of Super Junior.He only average people not an idol neither.  The real Siwon is @siwon407.

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