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[Synopsis] Oh! My Lady

May 20, 2010

Title: 오! 마이 레이디 / Oh! My Lady
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Webpage: Oh! My Lady


A  35-year-old divorce lady, Yoon Gae Hwa, desperately need job to earn enough money for raising her daughter which stay for a while with her ex husband.Takes a job as house cleaner to a fussy and stubborn top star Sung Min Woo.For a few days working she been fired caused by the negligence of scorched clothes iron by her.But she going back to work with Min Woo again for some reason.Gae Hwa need to convince Min Woo to take part in musical theater so that she can be hire in the production.Coincidentally at the same time,a child suddenly appeared.The child is the result of an affair from his pas.Only Gae Hwa know the incident.Because of Min Woo stubbornness Gae Hwa had an idea threatening to publish Min Woo illegitimate daughter to media if he doesnt want to take part in the musical theater.After he agree and sign the contract Gae Hwa also been hired in the production company.At the same time Min Woo ask for Gae Hwa help to take care of his daughter,Ye Eun without public knowing.The situation always been complicated when the reporter always want to find “hot issue” of Min Woo.The reporter willing to stay day and night at Min Woo apartment carpark to get information.A few funny part when Min Woo carry Ye Eun and try to avoid the reporter.Finally Min Woo feel that he fall in love with Gae Hwa.He try to propose Gae Hwa but she refuse because her previous marriage still hurt her.Plus she older than Min Woo and Min Woo is famous celebrity which will meet beautiful and younger celebrity.That makes she feel inferior.Min Woo try to convince Gae Hwa that he really love Gae Hwa and need Gae Hwa to take care of Ye Eun.He meet Gae Hwa ex husband to ask his forgiveness to Gae Hwa,meet Gae Hwa bestfriend for help and try to propitiate Gae Hwa daughter.

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