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[Character] Personal Taste

May 20, 2010
Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
Early 30’s,’M’ Architects & Director
Very tidy,smart & cool guy.
Someone who always talk formally,serious person but he concern about people around him.Matured and committed with his career to be successful architect.Being cruel to himself to get back what he
had lost before.
Soh Ye Jin as Park Gae In
Late 20’s, furniture designer
Furniture Designer.Daughter of famous architect who build Sangojae.She’s 29 years old,clumsy,always make mistake while talking,cannot keep sumthg as secret when she drunk.Heart broken lady after her boyfren stolen by her own bestfren

Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul
Early 30s, the future Chief Construction
Gae In’s ex-boyfriend. Own a big contruction company Mirae Construction..Wealthy family.After a few episode he really fall in love with Gae In when Gae In really turn herself as a woman..His rival is Jin Ho..not only in business matter but also in love matter..
Wang Jie Hye as Kim In Hee
Late 20s, curator
been Gae In‘s friend for 10 years and stay with Gae In at sangojae but betrays her friend for love and pusher herself to get married to Chang Ryul as if she is the center of attention, with a snobby (materialistic) personality.She become rivals with Gae In for Jeon
Jin Ho.

Choi Eun Seo as Na Hye MI
Declare herself as Jin Ho fiance sumtimes made chaos in Jin Ho office..Try to figure out what exactly happen to Jin Ho since Jin Ho didnt come back to home..she also stayed in Jin Ho house which made Jin Ho feel uncomfortable..
She also instigator to Jin Ho’s mother..
Im Seol Ong(2AM) as Kim Tae Hoon
Jin Ho’s college colleague and likes Jin Ho’s fiance Hye Mi.A person that creates a misunderstanding to have Gae In think that Jin Ho is a gay as he knows that Hye Mi likes Jin Ho, in which Tae Hoon feels jealous and competitive.Do anything for Hye Mi to prove his love to her.Even have to spying Jin Ho.
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