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[Character] Cinderella’s Stepsister

July 2, 2010


Song Eun-jo/Goo Eun-jo(Moon Geun Young)

A cynical and blunt young lady, Eun-jo is good at hiding her emotions and does not get attached to people easily. She is skeptical of her stepfather’s kindness; however, she later realizes that it is genuine and this realization begins to break her hard exterior. Eun-jo is in love with Ki-hoon, and is hurt when he leaves, leading her to be cold and reject him when he returns 8 years later. She is also sad about her stepfather’s death.







Goo Hyo-seon(Seo Woo)

A gentle and bright girl who has been treated like a princess her entire life. However, she is lonely and becomes excited when she learns that she’ll be getting a new mother and sister. When her new family members are different from what she expected, it takes a toll on her. Hyo-seon is slightly spoiled and becomes jealous of her new stepsister.




Hong Ki-hoon (Chun Jung Myung)

Gentle, handsome, and kind, Ki-hoon sees much of himself in Eun-jo. However, when his difficult and broken family situation causes him to leave the winery, he disappears, leaving Eun-jo a letter that she never receives. Ki-hoon returns 8 years later and appears to be a spy for his evil step-family’s company, but not everything is as it seems.







Han Jeong-Woo(Taecyeon)

Jeong-woo is the adopted son of one of Song Kang-sook’s ex-lovers. Eun-jo is the first person to care for him when he was a child, which creates a deep affection for her. Jeong-woo finds Eun-jo at the winery 8 years later in order to be near her and declare his love for her. Jeong-woo is selfless and reliable and always cares for Eun-jo.






Song Kang-sook (Lee Mi Sook)

Eun-Jo’s mother. Knows how to get what she wants, and marries Go Dae-seong for his wealth. Though initially an evil stepmother who fakes affection for her new family, Kang-sook loves her daughter Eun-jo and begins to change as a result of Dae-seong’s love for her.






Goo Dae-seong(Kim Gab Soo)

Hyo-seon’s father and Eun-jo’s stepfather. Dae-seong is kind hearted, genuine, and loving. His character and goodness causes changes in everyone around him for the better.

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