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Kangin enter Military-SuJu Members together sending him

July 6, 2010

Kangin has enlisted himself into the army on July 5th where he will receive five weeks of basic military training at Nonsan army training center as a recruit.

Thereafter, he will be assigned to another unit where he will serve for the next two years as an active soldier.

All Super Junior members and more than 400 fans from Korea, Japan, Thailand and China who were gathered early this morning, were at the army training center’s entrance to send Kangin off.

Kangin had opted to serve his military service much earlier than what most entertainers do after a series of brushes with the law last year. Kangin had announced of his plans on entering the army at a fan meeting held on May, promising to return as a better and more mature person. Let’s all wish him the best of luck for the two-year-long journey ahead of him. He will return in 2012.



The Arrival of 10 members of super junior

they were shown up to give spritual support for kangin

Kangin waiting for them and go inside together

Super Junior Members with Kangin in the middle

taking photo with fellow members for the last time before entering the military..

moment that he will miss for two years..being with others members

"I hope you will keep supporting Super Junior members even when I am not here", a teary Kang In also said in turn.

tears come out while holding a press conference ahead

Leader Lee Teuk asked teary fans to support Kang In, and said "Please support him by telling him to cheer up rather than shedding tears and feeling sad".

other members also feel sad

the tears cant sad there are..

sadness cannot hide..

"I will try to become a mature person on the inside and out. I will come back as a man who is worthy of being a member of Super Junior", he added.

Kang In bows on his knees to fans and reporters..Lee Teuk claping hand giving support

bowing infront over four hundred fans

hug from their hyung..leeteuk..

farewell hug from siwon and others

suju members try to calm kangin

ohh..this was so touching..kangin cant hide his sad feeling

Back to last October tragedy, Kangin made headlines when he was caught drunk driving and fleeing the scene after colliding into two taxis.He turned himself into police several hours later, and was later summarily indicted with a fine of eight million won charged by the Seoul Central District Court.Kangin will receive five weeks of basic training at Nonsan and later be assigned to a military base, where he will serve for the next twenty months.

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All the best to Kangin.Hope he will be more discipline & worth after out from military.



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