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Lee Min Ho new drama City Hunter

November 25, 2010

Lee Min Ho was chosen as the male lead for SBS “City Hunter” (Written by Lee Young Jong / Production by Jin Hyuk). He will transform into a sexy hero who seeks for urban dwellers.

Lee Min Ho will be playing a prodigy CIA who ironically doesn’t know how to approach beautiful women, but secretly helps his clients solve problems. Lee Min Ho will show more charisma and a variety of charm along with a more human appeal through his character.

On the other hand, “City Hunter” is adapted from a Japanese manga written by Tsukasa Hojo. This manga is about a sweeper named Ryo Saeba who fights crime in the city of Tokyo. Ryo creates his own underground operation known as “City Hunter,” and his clients are mostly attractive young ladies. It has been almost 13 years since the manga was adapted into a live action drama.

According to a representative of the production company, “City Hunter” has been made into live actions by world’s leading producers and actors before, but there hasn’t been a perfect piece that stayed with the author’s original work which made it difficult to receive approval from the author. Not even Japan turned this manga into a drama yet, but after the author found out that Min Ho was chosen for the role for his manly charm and fresh energy, the author decided to allow the production company to turn his work into a live action drama. The representative stated, “Through this project, Lee Min Ho will be the first actor who will live up to his name by receiving recognition for portraying his character well,” which garnered more anticipation.

Although the original plot of “City Hunter” took place in Tokyo of 1980, the drama will take place in Seoul of 2011. A tall, good looking CIA agent will become a problem solver and healer for the wounded people who seeks for his help, and the drama will portray a new understanding of love and family.

This will be Lee Min Ho’s first time working with PD Jin Hyuk (“Great Inheritance” and “Prosecutor Princess”). Lee Min Ho’s last dramas were “Boys Over Flowers” and “Personal Taste,” and showed great transformations through these dramas. And this time around, he will transform into a whole new character for this upcoming drama.

After a successful of Boys Over Flowers followed by Personal Taste,now he have been confirmed to be main role as a playboy named Kang Jin in “City Hunter“.This drama was adaptation of Japanese manga series which sold over 50 million copies  in Japan and Korea itself in 90’s era. The drama’s setting will be in the year of 2011 in the city of Seoul, and Lee Min Ho will be playing the role of a playboy named Kang Jin.It’s about a private detective who falls for beautiful women with a comedy image.

Romous Are Not True

A representative of SBS Drama Department spoke on the 28th through an interview with Sports Hangook, “City Hunter will air its first episode on May 25th. The rumors about [SBS] taking one side is not true.”

“City Hunter” was originally suppose to air in March, but the date was pushed back because the production team had to modify the script, and also had casting issues with the female lead for the drama. However, another broadcast team stated, “City Hunter was not chosen to air, so the production will be on hold” which sparked the rumors.

In order to calm the rumor, the representative stated, “Modifications of the script is still going on, and we are still discussing about who to choose for the female lead. There’s no reason to speculate about taking side when the synopsis is good, and a charismatic actor was chosen for the male lead.”

Lee Min Ho is currently attending action school to develop and analyze his character in City Hunter.

Receiving 1 On 1 Personal Training

Lee Min Ho is preparing himself and his body for the drama. “City Hunter” was a manga released in 1990 written by Hojo Tsukasa.  Min Ho is sweating hard to create a healthy body for his character, Kang Jin.

A representative of Lee Min Ho stated, “After Min Ho was chosen for the drama, he started taking private lessons with a martial arts director. He will be strengthening his martial arts skills and drilling the steps.” He will also build into a “best body” as well. The representative also stated, “It will be irritating to start training when the shooting begins for the drama, so we thought it would best for him to start training now prior to the shooting while the production team chooses their female lead.”

Met A Rival Before Shoot Ever Start

Lee Min Ho has been gaining many interest with his new role. But, the drama is being compared to the currently airing drama, KBS 2TV Drama “Fugitive.”

A representative of “City Hunter” stated, “There’s already talks about it being re-evaluated. We will wait before the final decision is made.”

The character from “City Hunter” is similar to Ji Woo (played by Jung Ji Hoon aka Rain), the main character from “Fugitive.” The viewers on the discussion board for “Fugitive” are stating their opinions that the characters coincide with each other.

The representative also stated, “This situation became bigger ever since “Fugitive” gained many interest by viewers. Since there’s not very many Korean detective dramas, the comparison between “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” will never end.”

Source : Lee Min Ho World


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