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[Synopsis] Mary Stayed Out All Night

January 2, 2011
Korean TitleMaerineun Oebakjoong
Other Title Name : Marry Me Mary
Episodes : 16
Broadcast Network : KBS World
We Mae Ri who been forced by his father(Wi Dae Han) to marry his old friend son,Byung Jung In.This wealthy family had success in entertainment industry in Japan.Come back to Korea to build another entertainment company and handle by Jung In himself.Wi Mae Ri who doesnt want to marry Jung In begs Moo Kyul to act as her husband to escape from the married.Bt Mae Ri father still want Mae Ri to be with Director Jung In because the deal between Wi Dae Han & Jung In father,President Jung Suk after he paid all of Dae Han debts.Dae In give a 100-day period in which Mae Ri has to divide her time equally between Moo Kyul and Jung In, after which she has to decide who to marry.
After a few episode Jung In really fall in love with Mae Ri and be rival to Moo Kyul which also love Mae Ri.
The love start when Mae Ri saw a picture of 2 kids(was them) and they abselutelly knew each other since their childhood..He refresh back the moment when he keep his promise to take care of Mae Ri after Mae Ri fall from the staircase because of him.Then he said Ho Ku Gai Ru(in japanese) which mean I will take care of you forever..(this part also touching)Since he know Mae Ri was the girl had scar caused of him,he decide to love Mae Ri..and try to win Mae Ri heart..
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