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[Character] Marry Stayed Out All Night

January 2, 2011
Wi Mae Ri,24

cheerful, pragmatic daughter of a failed businessman who had grown used to being constantly on the move to escape from debtors.Appearance, resembling her late mother. Cute but she looks just like an explosive personality.Met Kang Moo Kyul when she almost breaking him on the road while Moon Kyul walking.After the incident she become friend with Moo Kyul.
Pretent to be wife of Moo Kyul to avoid from his father who have made deal  with his bestfriend to marry her daughter to his bestfriend son.Give 100 days contract with a double marriage between two men Moo Kyul and Jung In.A conflict happen among them when both of the man fall in love with her.Working as secretary in Jung In company,JI Entertainment.
Kang Moo Kyul,24
A main guitarist in and lead singer of his band
Do not even know the meaning of family. Do not know what true love and loyalty is vital to the integrity of the battle with a feeling of fall in love with Mary.Was exboyfriend to Seo Joon the famous actress.Trauma to the woman about, leaving as a bad guy.He meet Mae Ri the women is the one to fit him.He like to call Mae Ri “marry Christmas”.Independent guy after left by her mother,which always lost in the space and will come to him when she need money and have problem.He become a singer for ost drama “Wonderful Day” offered by Jong In himself after saw the talent on Moo Kyul.There’s a conflict between Jong In,Mae Ri,Moo Kyul and Seo Joon when everyone were connected in the relationship and also in the job career when everyone work in the same company JI Entertainment.
Byun Jung In,28
A perfect guy and wealthy family who always listen to his father.His character really different from Moo Kyul.He also a director of JI Entertainment,who have to win Mae Ri heart because of his father made a deal with him.If he can marry Mae Ri,his father will help him to grow up the company.In the 1st place he dont have any feel with Mae Ri.Bt,when something happen where he remember his childhood moment,the time when he carry a girl on his back then the girl fall down had bleeding on her head.After that he promise himself to take care of the girl.The girl who he talk about is Mae Ri.After she know Mae Ri is his childhood friend,he turn to love Mae Ri.There start triangle love between Moo Kyul,Mae Ri and Jung In.
Soo Joon,28
A cool,Sexy elegance and purity girl.Prefer to work in drama project than movie.
Still love her exboyfriend Moo Kyul and always come to live performance of Moo Kyul without being noticed by Moo Kyul.Moreover she always hear Moo Kyul songs.She try to return back to Moo Kyul but Moo Kyul rejected her.She is the one who force Moo Kyul to accept the offer from JI entertainment to be singer for ost where Soo Joon also acting in the drama call “WONDERFUL DAY”

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