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Heechul hit by fans during SS3 in Shanghai

March 6, 2011

This wasnt 1st time they were hit by fans during their concert.Last night Heeniml was hit by fanboard right to his face.Must be he really dissapointed with this tragedy.He didnt come out to stage after the incident.According to ELFs, Heenim was bleeding. Other members(leeteuk, hae and again yesung)got hit too but didn’t get hurt like Heenim did. For the next SS3 in Malaysia especially,i hope there will no hitting incident.Please take a good care of our idol.

Must be he really disappointed.Can see clearly with his twitter update this evening..

“This wound, i hope it will never be happened anymore on the stage.. don’t throw anything if you don’t have something to throw.. wherever the concert is.. I’m in pain, pleasant and angry..”

Sangchu from Mighty Mouth also concern about Heenim.He made a phone call to Heenim and posted in his twitter yesterday.

SuJu’s fans! I had a phone call with Heechulie,he said to me not to worry about a scratch on his face, and said ‘Man should have a wound on the face. Isn’t it manly?”. Seems like he’s upset and tough even though he said like that. Please don’t throw whatever thing to the stage! Heechul said he can’t use twitter for this moment.”

Watch the incident from FanCam click here


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