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[Magazine] “We are one”

April 9, 2011

Super Junior – “We are one” High Cut Magazine Korea

Generally, in a group, the member who makes an appearance in a CF or drama receives the profit earned from the appearance. But Super Junior and 2PM are the exceptions. [Omitted] Super Junior agreed with each other that regardless of who earns more, it is only right for the members to receive the same salary, because they are a team. Thus, in Super Junior, the member who earns the most from individual activity pays for the members’ late night food. At the beginning of the debut, Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, and Kangin, became popular on variety programs which resulted in them earning more money than the other members. They tried to share their salaries with the other members. But, Yesung strongly resisted saying, “you hyungs suffered a lot to earn that money. How are we supposed to receive it?” But Kangin persuaded the other members by saying, “We are a team. If I did this to only better myself, why would I be in a team?” The members quarreled about the issue and then finally decided that the person who earns the most will pay for their late night food. When each member says what he wants to eat, the member who earns the most would pay for all of the food. Whether it is pizza or Pig’s trotters, the members can eat various foods. However, because it would cost too much to go out to eat, they only eat food that can be delivered. But recently, they’ve been using courier service for delivery.

Source: High Cut Magazine
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM



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