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“Strong Heart” reveals a story about Junho’s dedication to his fans

June 14, 2011

On June 14th, 2PM’s Junho shared a sweet story through “Strong Heart“ that made fans melt over his sincerity to please them.

The idol talked about his ‘High-Touch’ fan meetings in Japan, where stars give high-fives to each and every one of their fans in the venue. He explained, ”When it first began, I heard that there were 10,000 people outside. It was a huge convention center, and the members and I sat down at desks with towels, wet towels, and a mouse pad-looking thing where we could rest our elbows.”

Junho continued, “The staff advised us to put our elbows on the pad, but I felt that it lacked sincerity. The other members followed their advice, but I got excited and raised both my hands instead. I was feeling good, so I kept working hard, but the Japanese staff encouraged me to switch arms.”

After 20 minutes, I became exhausted. But I told the staff that I was really happy because of the fans, so I’d keep doing it like this for now. Then they told me that there were 30,000 more fans outside.”

He added, “Because I was smiling the entire time, my mouth was getting cramps, instead of my arms.

Good to see that Junho goes above and beyond for his fans!



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