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Lee Min Ho’s image, captured in a subway

June 21, 2011

Lee Min Ho’s image, captured in a subway, was taken during the recording of a subway scene for SBS’s City Hunter.

Lee created a stir with his attractive smile and good looks. Rumors say that the staff worried about the subway leaving during the shooting, but the recording went well, and ended in a friendly atmosphere.

The subway scene is one in which Yun Seong (played by Lee Min Ho), who has been shot by Na Na (Park Min Young) during an attempt to kill candidate Seo Yong Hak. meets up with Bae Sik Joong (Kim Sang Ho), who barely escapes by hiding in a trash heap.

The scene depicts a warm reunion between Bae Sik Joong, whom the passengers aboard point fingers at because of his dirty look, and Yun Seong.

Bae Sik Joong is giving a remarkable performance with Yun Seong with his sometimes comical actions.

In the episode that aired on the 16th, Yun Seong’s acting, which showed his distress and anguish at the fact that he has to hide his real identity from Na Na, was favorably viewed.

Source Nate by Ilnung

City Hunter recorded 13.8% of the viewing audience with the eighth episode, which showed a dramatic increase over the previous episode.


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