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Happy 24th Birthday Lee Min Ho Ssi

June 22, 2011

Early this morning Lee Min Ho update his facebook page regarding his birthday wishes by his lovely fans.
행복한 새벽이예요^^ 아침까지 촬영이 계속될 것 같아서 이렇게 짧게 글을 남겨요. 매년 이맘때면 팬분들하고 같이 시간을 보냈었는데, 오늘은 촬영장에서 생일을 맞네요. 아~ 이 허전함ㅋ
오늘 촬영장에서 , 다 알아버린 생일파티도 좋았고 여러분들이 보내주신 메시지도 전부 보진 못했지만 정말 고마워요. 시티헌터를 통해서 돌려드릴 수 있도록 애쓸게요. 멋진 하루 보내세요! 화이팅!!
It’s a happy early morning^^ I’m leaving a short message because it seems like I’ll still be shooting until morning. I’ve always spent with my fans sharing this feeling every year, but it seems like I’ll be spending my birthday at the set today. Ah~ the lonelinessㅋ
Today at the set, I enjoyed the birthday party with those who knew, and although I haven’t read all of your messages, I would still like to thank you. I will be giving in return by working hard through City Hunter. Please enjoy your day! Fighting!!


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