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Korean Idols Male~Female Look A Like

June 26, 2011

Last 2weeks i have posted about “korean idols look a like” but with the same gender.Again today i will share the similarity of our idols faces but with opposite sexes. Its only my opinion. And what say u guys?? ^^

2PM Nichkhun & Moon Geun Young

F(x) Amber & Shinee JongHyun
Netizens also said Amber have similarity with Suju Donghae & DBSK Micky Yoochun.

Actress ShinAe & Suju Heechul
Wow~ Heechul have male & female look alike. Not only Taemin have similarity with him.Actress ShinAe which older 1 year then him also have some similarity.But i guess Shinae also resemblant F(x) Victoria.

B.E.G Gain & 2AM Jo Kwon
The Adams Couple in WGM. Jo kwon also queit lucky..other than Brian,he has another twin..Gain..His ex-wife in WGM.They also staring in sitcom All My Love as twin sibling because of their resemblant.

I still keep on searching who will be next male female look alike..any idea guys??share ur tought here ^^


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