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Naughty Sungmin Pull Donghae Bow tie strap

Donghae update his twitter attach with 3 photos which reveal Sungmin childish attitude. Poor Donghae become his victims..hihihihi..However,this scenario was so cute..While Donghae concentrate with something, Sungmin tried to pull his bow tie strap from behind. Check out the photos..


Sungmn pull the strap as long as he can..






2AM celebrates their third anniversary with sweet messages to fans

 is celebrating their third anniversary!  On July 11th, the members all left sweet messages for their fans in celebration of the event.

Leader Jo Kwon kicked off the series of tweets by writing, “It’s already been three years since 2AM debuted.  While thinking of July 11th, 2008, I get swept into a lot of reflections today.  July is a meaningful month for us in so many ways. Our loving members and our loving I AM, let’s continue to go forward hand-in-hand.  I love you.”

Jinwoon cheered, Today is our third anniversary for our 2AM.  Thank you so, so much for giving us this much love.  Please continue to support us in the future and give us your love!  I promise to become a 2AM that continues to improve, aja!”

Seulong wrote, “Time flies so fast!  Thank you to everyone who congratulated us.  This is something I’ve always said for the past three years, but I promise to become a 2AM that improves.  Thank you.”

Changmin concluded, It’s already our third anniversary.  Thank you to everyone who’s loved us without change.  Like I said the first time, until the day we become the nation’s singers, I will sing until my throat bursts!”

Labelmate Ye Eun from the Wonder Girls also parodied the group’s debut track, “This Song“, by writing, “Congratulations on 2AM’s birthday!  I have nothing to give you except this message.”


Happy 28th Birthday Henim!!

Today is July 10 n whose birthday is today??All Elfs know that today is our Kim Heechul birthday 🙂
Just a few minutes ago SANGCHUKANGCHU update his twitter with photo of Heechul & his cake
Sanagchu twitted :
  “@heedictator Birthday man! hiphop style lol”
& Heechul RT :
” かわいい~♡” (cute)

He look tired & too old in this pic..

Beast Malaysia Fan Meeting Tonight!!

BEAST Showcase Live In Malaysia 2011 will be held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach tonight.Beast or B2ST, which consist of Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Kikwang(or famous as AJ) and Son Dongwoon will entertain their fans in Malaysia tonight starting at 8.30PM.
The group started out in 2009 with their debut of first mini-album, “Beast Is the B2ST” which sold over 20,000 copies in a month. They subsequently released mini-albums “Lights Go on Again”, “Mastermind” and “Shock of The New Era” which overall sale recorded more than 300,000 copies which proved the group’s formidable popularity. And the group seems to be gaining momentum day by day.

*For those who will be going,enjoy your day & have fun..Hope to have some good fedback from the beauties 🙂

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